LIT2T Leadership Guide

74 TO: TABLE OF CONTENTS A5 – Maintenance Checklist DATE: NAME: ▢▢ Empty the Recycle Bin ▢▢ Empty the Documents Folder ▢▢ Reset Favourites/Bookmarks to Centre approved list ▢▢ Delete ‘.tmp’ files ▢▢ Run Scandisk ▢▢ Set start-up applications to a minimum ▢▢ Run Disk Defragmenter ▢▢ Delete Cookies ▢▢ Delete URL History ▢▢ Check browser history and cache files ▢▢ Check that the user history files and Internet cache settings are set properly (cache size). Delete the cache files and history files, then reset the history files to no more than three days unless the user specifically needs to store that information longer ▢▢ Confirm that backups are being done ▢▢ Verify the My Documents shortcut is directed to the proper directory and not on the local computer ▢▢ Update drivers as needed (printers, modems, sound cards, video cards, and other devices) ▢▢ Check the operating system and applications with Check Disk command ▢▢ Update their OS and applications with the latest service packs or updates ▢▢ Remove unlicensed, unwanted or unused software ▢▢ Check the connections (plugs are snug in their connections) ▢▢ Update master inventory of computer assets (Verify serial numbers, CPU speed, hard drive space, memory, software licensing) ▢▢ Make sure the hardware works (head phones, keyboard, mouse, scanner, printer) ▢▢ Clean or replace CD drives as needed ▢▢ Clean the screens ▢▢ Print a test page on their printers. Make sure the printers are producing clean copies, and that the toner cartridges aren’t about to run out. ▢▢ Update/Verify the anti-virus software ▢▢ Reboot the system ▢▢ Check Wi-Fi connection (if required) ▢▢ Blow off the dust on the back of the machine or wherever the fan is located ▢▢ Clean the keyboard. With the power off, tip or turn the keyboard upside down and spray the loose articles out from under the keys using a can of air ▢▢ Clean the CD(DVD)-ROM drive ▢▢ Clean the mouse ▢▢ Check all power sources