LIT2T Leadership Guide

75 TO: TABLE OF CONTENTS A6 – Computer Room Layout Guidelines ▢▢ The computer room is as well lit as general classrooms ▢▢ There is a combination of artificial and natural light provided ▢▢ The lighting can be controlled by a dimmer switch ▢▢ The room lighting can be controlled by curtains or other means ▢▢ The floor is suitably covered ▢▢ The cabling and wiring are hidden from view ▢▢ All wiring and cabling are bound where possible and do not pose a danger ▢▢ The climate-control is satisfactory for learners and instructors ▢▢ The room is cooled by air conditioning or in a basement location ▢▢ There is an air exchange system in or near the computer room ▢▢ There is an electronic sound dampness in the room (no echo) ▢▢ The room is equipped with clear, audible speakers ▢▢ The audio jacks are at the front of the workstations ▢▢ Each workstation has head sets for individual privacy ▢▢ All learners can see the projection screen from their seats ▢▢ There is an additional table/area allotted for traditional seating ▢▢ The room must have an adequate amount of power sockets for recharging mobile devices ▢▢ There is adequate WI-FI coverage to accommodate all students’ mobile devices ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: If you require further ideas for lab planning try There are five lab plan case studies at