LIT2T Leadership Guide

5 TO: TABLE OF CONTENTS don’t need all the tools at any one time, just the ones that fit their teaching and learning needs. Instructors can broadcast information to all of the learners with a news forum or use a forum to discuss individual assignments in a one-to-one mode. Learner-to-learner collaborative communication is improved by an LMS. Learners can cooperate on a wiki to complete a group task. They can message each other for clarification of issues. Forums are a great way of allowing learners to discuss issues and share information while practicing their writing and thinking skills. Learners also have additional and varied contact with the subject matter. They are exposed to course content in different formats including videos, interactive quizzes, forum discussions, collaborative projects, on-demand audio, animations, speaking tasks, written or multimedia documents as well as directories of course-related files. In terms of time and place, learning management systems such as support ‘flexible delivery’ by allowing learners to access their courses at all times and in any place that has Internet access. Learners who cannot attend on a regular basis can complete their coursework from anywhere. Instructors can show or hide elements of the course as they deem necessary. With an LMS, learners have the possibility of reviewing, studying ahead or catching up with tasks and concepts relevant to the course. 2.1.2 Administrative Benefits TRACKING STUDENT PROGRESS COURSE STANDARDIZATION FLEXIBLE DELIVERY COURSE SHARING REUSABILITY FREE LINC COURSES ACTIVITY ARCHIVES FIGURE 2 Administrative Benefits