LIT2T Leadership Guide

4 TO: TABLE OF CONTENTS 2. LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS A learning management system or (LMS) is the software that controls all of the systems for managing learning activities and events as well as tracking learner interactions on a web server. It is the online environment where the instructor and learners work. The LearnIT2teach Project has two LMSs, at learnit2teach. org and . is the host for instructor training courses. is where newcomers and their instructors access their language training courses. The LearnIT2teach Project hosts these courses as long as instructors are progressing through our training. 2.1 The Benefits of Using a Learning Management System One of the best reasons for using the LINC courseware at is that it is plug and play; it is already set up for your centre. Once instructors complete a short Pre-Stage 2, they have their own course at and can request as many learner accounts as they need. As instructors proceed through Stages 2 and 3, they acquire more course editing skills and a deeper knowledge of blended learning and how to adapt the course to their own needs and those of their learners. 2.1.1 Andragogical Benefits Learning managements systems provide structured online learning. Since courses are structured by weekly blocks or by topics, learners, instructors and administrators have a clear understanding of what is in each course. Educators using an LMS as a guide/scheduling aide may be more inclined to follow a curriculum. Many settlement language training classes offer continuous intake as a means of accommodating their learners. Learning management systems allow language instructors to offer flexible sequencing of learning activities when using a computer lab. Learners can also follow individualized study plans while using school workstations. While this may be more effort for the instructor, at least initially, the resulting coursework for the learners will be more relevant and motivating. In addition, learners who are absent can use the activities on the LMS to catch up with their classmates, which is especially beneficial if they are absent for an extended period of time or enrol in a course that is already in progress. Learning management systems offer alternate forms of communication and interaction, including forums, messaging, emailing, chat rooms wikis, and gateways to voice communication in real time. Learners can interact with instructors through any of these tools. Instructors 2.1 The Benefits of Using a Learning Management System 2.1.1 Andragogical Benefits 2.1.2 Administrative Benefits 2.1.3 Additional Benefits 2.1.4 LMS Administrative considerations 2.2 Moodle 2.2.1 Moodle Attributes 2.2.2 Moodle B esdt Practices