LIT2T Leadership Guide

25 TO: TABLE OF CONTENTS 5. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING OPTIONS The LearnIT2teach professional development and training support system is structured to address the needs of all instructors who are using the blended learning opportunities offered by the courseware. All participants in this scheme have the option of advancing through the stages of training at their own pace. As well, Stage 2 allows the instructors the ability to control and customize the courseware to the requirements of their teaching situation. Further to this, Stage 4 provides the instructors with the skills required to create their own learning objects and courseware. An additional online course (Learning Technology Innovation Leadership) has been run with multiple cohorts of aspiring LINC technology leaders. The course provides practical information on how to implement Edulinc courseware and theory and evidence to support innovation locally. All of the instructor and administrator training is sponsored by Canadian IRCC-sponsored settlement language training providers and is currently freely available to LINC service providers. In January 2014, the first LearnIT2teach trainings took place outside Ontario. Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia LINC programs now can participate in the teacher training and put LINC courseware to work. After each stage or workshop, participants in the training stages receive a certificate with a statement of PD hours. TESL Ontario recognizes these hours for the renewal of Language Instructor accreditation. 5.1 The LEARNIT2TEACH Instructor Training System Delivered in a computer lab or online by request, Stage 1 introduces the LearnIT2teach approach to blended learning and gives an overview of further stages of training available to eligible instructors. With the assistance of a multimedia slideshow, Stage 1 explains important e-learning concepts and provides time for a question and answer discussion. Later, participants select a benchmark level and take a guided tour through sample activities and resources available in the settlement language training courseware. Pre-Stage 2 is online training that provides a fast track to the requisite skills instructors need to start deploying the courseware and using it with students. After successfully completing multimedia quizzes and software simulations, settlement language instructors are ready to start using the courseware with newcomers shortly after entering Stage 2. Upon entering Stage 2, participants start delivering and adapting the courseware to their teaching context. They identify their target CLB or LINC level(s) and are set up with their own courseware pre-loaded with activities and student accounts. The focus of Stage 2 is on using 5.1 The LEARNIT2TEACH Instructor Training System 5.1.1 Challenges of Instructor Training 5.2 Associated Professional Development Options