LIT2T Leadership Guide

24 TO: TABLE OF CONTENTS 4.4 Courseware Testimonials Information about how teachers have put their training and the LINC learner courseware to work can be found on the project portal at www. and in the form of audio podcasts at http://learnit2teach. . Here are some samples of teacher feedback: “It has opened up a huge amount of flexibility and choice” “The learners benefit because they access to far more resources than I can give them in class time alone” “I can use Edulinc forums to tell the learners about field trips, tests, etcetera” “Using Edulinc has appealed to my organizational and creative side” “I benefit because I know I’m doing the best for my class, and I also have the opportunity to learn about new technology and new ways to interact with the learners” “They (the learners) also have better communication with me and with each other” “It takes a lot of extra time getting started with Edulinc, but it has definitely improved my teaching.” “On the creative side, I look forward every week to putting together each week’s theme, links to websites (and) all those CLB activities, lab assignments and instructions. The possibilities are endless” “I had a learner who unfortunately had to take two weeks off because of daycare. And she was able to go to the library, her local library every two days and with that then she was able to access all of the regular course work on the Edulinc site” “Once youmake the decision that you are going to do it, it’s really very easy.” “I know I am able to provide [learners] with a much richer experience using this method than I would be in any other way” “The majority of students have advanced technological skills and this feels natural to them. It’s what they want and it’s what they need”