LIT2T Leadership Guide

14 TO: TABLE OF CONTENTS PD and training course Digital News Support resources Live LINC courses wpnew/about-2/social- media TRAINING COMMUNITY PORTAL LINC COURSEWARE FIGURE 5 The components and subcomponents of the program with web addresses and description 3.1.3 Training ( ) All of the training options are detailed in the Professional Development & Training Options section of this manual. The training and professional development media are hosted on the LearnIT2teach portal. The training materials and structure are supported by a face-to-face or online Stage One workshop. As well, an online mentor partners with each instructor for the duration of their training. 3.1.4 LINC Courseware Courses ( ) The LINC learner courses are hosted at . Newcomers use this site to gain knowledge and language skills to support their settlement in Canada. Instructor trainees use this site to deliver language training. Once they have started Stage Two of the training, instructors are eligible to set up their own course on this server. An important element of the training is for teachers to demonstrate their progress by implementing a LINC course. For more information on this aspect, see the LINC Courseware section of this manual. 3.1.5 LearnIT2teach Community The project supports the evolution of a Community of Practice among all TELL educators in the Canadian settlement language training field. The community is growing through our face- to-face events, pervasive communication and sharing online. The project’s live events have included annual TESL Ontario conferences, BC TEAL, TESL Alberta, TESL Saskatchewan, and