LIT2T Leadership Guide

13 TO: TABLE OF CONTENTS Instructors should be aware of how the learning management system empowers them to control the courseware, giving total control of how and which course content is displayed to learners. These control features are detailed in Stage 3 of the training. As teachers progress through the teacher training, they gain more and more control over the LMS functions, and learn to upload their own locally developed resources. Instructors may use a timed release of course content, place access restrictions on activities that require other activities to be completed first, use buttons to toggle between hiding and showing individual items or sections of a course, or use a switch to highlight a learning activity with a vibrantly coloured frame. These controls enable instructors to focus learners on specific activities that can be used in the computer room or completed by learners on their own— anytime, anywhere. 3.1.2 Key Components of the LearnIT2teach Project This project is currently made up of three components, the LearnIT2teach portal, an instructor training site, and the learner courseware. The LearnIT2teach learning community has emerged as a result of the instructor training. LearnIT2Teach Portal LearnIT2Teach Training LearnIT2Teach Community Edulinc LINC courseware FIGURE 4 Components of the LearnIT2teach Project and the spin-off components (in green)