LIT2T Leadership Guide

7 TO: TABLE OF CONTENTS Administrators concerned about the bottom line should note that the learning management system is a free open source product. Upgrades are also free and well supported by the community. Running an LMS in a settlement language training model is sustainable. All of the learning objects are provided. 2.1.3 Additional Benefits Learners and instructors may become more motivated to learn and teach. Improved communication, structure, additional relevant learning objects, and free training on the edulinc. org LMS may help increase motivation at a centre. Without a learning management system, instructors and learners are often frustrated by web content that is not vetted or perhaps even appropriate, and which can disappear without warning. Learners may become more engaged as blended learning exposes learners to information technology, and IT skills are essential to adapting to life in Canada. Although learning new technical skills while learning a language is an additional challenge for many new Canadians, their employability may well depend on it. Through multimedia resources and activities, LMSs can also engage and accommodate different learning styles and abilities among second language learners. Many newcomers are already technically savvy, and many expect to learn with technology. Service provider organizations (SPOs) that implement blended or distance approaches can enhance access and social equity while augmenting local learning opportunities. Through thoughtful innovation with learning technology, SPOs are better prepared to provide effective and efficient language training services. Gradebook Ubiquitous Access Reusable Learning Materials Relevant Content Communication Tools Student Tracking Learning Objects Gradebook FIGURE 3 The benefits of using an LMS 2.1.4 LMS Administrative considerations Administrators of language training programs might want to consider the following issues before commencing with a Moodle LMS. THEME/BRANDING WEBSITES such as ThemZa offer professional Moodle themes with video installation tutorials that can have your organization brand on the LINC courseware. Although