LIT2T Leadership Guide

67 TO: TABLE OF CONTENTS A2 – A Sample of Related Professional Development Options Administrators may direct their instructors to the following resources to supplement instructors training in the area of CALL: Collaborative Web Community:, Collaborative Web Community: Classroom 2.0, Educational blogs: Nik Peachey Learning Technology, E-learning portal: The Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies (C4LPT), http://c4lpt. EFL Talks: Teachers teaching teachers, Lynda (LinkedIn) Moodle courses, Podcasts: Grammar Girl, Online conferences: Canada MoodleMoot, Online Moodle tutorials: Online video tutorials: ELT/ESL Training Videos, Traditional conferences: TESL Ontario: Professional email newsletters: LearnIT2teach ESL LINC Digital News, wpnew/news Professional email newsletters: Moodle News,