LIT2T Leadership Guide

45 TO: TABLE OF CONTENTS 10. DIGGING DEEPER Key issues in managing a centre towards a blended learning culture include change leadership, harnessing/guiding innovation, implementing TELL practices, knowledge immigrant information practices and requirements. This section provides documents to stimulate discussion regarding aspects of implementing a blended learning culture at your centre. 10.1 An Orientation To Technology Enhanced Language Learning (TELL) Computer-assisted language learning, or CALL, has been used in language teaching since the 1960s. There is ongoing debate about CALL’s methodologies and success, which depend on many factors including access to appropriate technolo gy, instructor expertise, stakeholder motivation, past experience with technology, and mode of delivery. As well, both novices and experts may be confused by a wide range of terms such as E-learning, hybrid learning and others, as illustrated in the following graphic. FIGURE 2 Different terms for CALL Computer-Enhanced Language Learning Technology-Assisted Language Learning Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Computer-Based Language Training Network-Based Language Teaching Digital Language Learning Mobile Assisted Language Learning Computer-Aided Language Learning Computer-Aided Instruction Information & Communication Technologies Since many language training professionals now use the term TELL to describe the use of technologies in language learning, the LearnIT2teach Project will use this term throughout our materials unless there is a specific genre that applies, such as Mobile-assisted language learning or MALL. 10.1 An Orientation To Technology Enhanced Language Learning (Tell) 10.2 FromCall To Tell 10.3 The Information Practices of Adult Immigrants 10.4 Leadership – Change Agency & Innovation 10.4.1 Facilitative Leadership