LIT2T Leadership Guide

40 TO: TABLE OF CONTENTS 8. TELL / LINC LAB MANAGEMENT Settlement language training centres have varying states of computer hardware, software and network availability or capability. Depending on funding, internal support and existing facilities, each centre is unique, so there are no “one size fits all” TELL policies and lab procedures for language training centres. In this section, we suggest ways to make your TELL roommore manageable through checklists. These check lists are a summary of best practices from experts in the field and our experience training in language training centres. As well, we provide checklists in the Appendix to help your centre maintain its computers and promote effective blended learning. It must be noted that some centres may not have a computer room–they may have computers throughout the school. These suggestions, therefore, apply generally to both situations. 8.1 Checklists Checklists are very effective at helping to manage technical resources. They can be used for inventory and planning purposes, but are most important for maintenance in the computer room. The checklists provided in the appendix can be edited to suit the requirements of your centre. 8.2 Maintenance In Appendix A5, you’ll find a Maintenance checklist. It can be reformatted with your centre’s logo and sent to a technician or a designated staff member for action. Elements can be discussed in terms of their timeliness. Some items might be checked monthly and some might be checked at the end of a term. The details depend on your staff and your present computer configuration. Maintenance serves three purposes. It ensures that as many workstations are up and running for teaching and learning as possible, helps maintain a positive face validity of CALL with the staff and the learners, and ensures that an accurate inventory is documented for budget and planning purposes. 8.3 Courseware Accessibility The LearnIT2teach Browser Check (at provides an instant means of checking all of the key browser plug-ins and system add-ons for computers attempting to run the courseware. On each computer, the designated staff member can surf to the provided web address. A report appears that identifies the web browser and version, cookies settings, Java plug-in, Pop Up Blocker, media players such as Adobe Flash Player, and screen 8.1 Checklists 8.2 Maintenance 8.3 Courseware Accessibility 8.4 Computer Room Layout Considerations 8.5 Network Bandwidth 8.6 Projection 8.7 Scheduling And Rules 8.8 Training 8.9 Desktop 8.10 Internet Resources 8.11 Printers 8.12 Server 8.13 Internet safety