LIT2T Leadership Guide

38 TO: TABLE OF CONTENTS micro-blogged through the LearnIT2teach Twitter account. Recent tweets are automatically posted at the LearnIT2teach portal. Throughout the year, the team facilitates face-to-face workshops and presentations at IRCC-sponsored PD events, regional and affiliate TESL conferences and at settlement language training sites. We are committed to publishing research and project information in newsletters, magazines and journals. This communication is centralized at our LearnIT2teach portal—a “village square” for our shared community of learning. 7.9 Inappropriate Content Inappropriate content and communication is a concern for all stakeholders associated with a networked computer room. Inappropriate content usually arrives from outside sources such as websites, blogs, tweets and countless other media. This may prompt managers to simply disconnect the Internet from their computer rooms. However, with the availability of fantastic online language learning opportunities and the importance of digital literacy in Canadian society, this option is not practical. Using a web proxy to block inappropriate websites is one solution. Creating garden-gated learning communities is another. Instructors can direct learners to their courseware, and regulate navigation options (for example, creating a link to TeacherTube rather than YouTube). This assures the instructor that when the learners complete their assigned task, they will not select an unrelated video and get off-course, as they could in YouTube. TeacherTube approves all videos to ensure that all content is educational and not simply ‘entertainment’. 7.10 Designated Blended Learning Specialist If an instructor demonstrates aptitude, energy and a desire to improve the use of learning technologies at a centre, it makes sense to reward and encourage the instructor on this path. While unfortunately there may not be designated funds for technical facilitators, individuals who champion educational technology may do this because of their respect for the potential of CALL. Rewarding these champions for their extra effort and skill could take the form of sponsorship for professional development events or formal recognition among their peers. Training to prepare Change Agents is available through LearnIT2teach’s Learning Technology Innovation Leadership courses. 7.11 Instructor/Instructor Buy-In There are many factors that can sway opinion towards or against the concept of fully adopting blended learning at a settlement language training centre. The key is to focus on how the blended method enhances learning without placing an additional burden on the instructors. Testimonials from instructors using the courseware successfully bring a human face to the venture and may inspire other instructors. Additionally, the benefits to the instructors can be explained in a Stage One workshop at a centre. A few of the benefits are: • Activities that are an extension of the LINC Classroom Activities Books • Courseware that is ready-made • Multimedia mode