LIT2T Leadership Guide

28 TO: TABLE OF CONTENTS FIGURE 7 Training Stages Language training instructors will benefit from taking all or some of the stages offered by this training program. They profit by having access to the additional learning resources for the learners. They also have the ability to structure and craft innovative learning objects and situations with their own courses. Instructor feedback from the training has revealed unexpected benefits. Participants have mentioned that connections made with language training professionals outside of their centres have been helpful. These associations occur through the Stage 1 face-to-face sessions, and asynchronous discussion forums during the subsequent stages. Impromptu peer support sessions have also occurred. In some cases, contact and informal assistance with a larger professional pool of language training instructors outside of the local centre has provided mutual support with technological innovations in education. ESL instructors may prove to be more motivated as the materials and training are directly connected to the LINC Curriculum Guidelines and the LINC Classroom Activities Books. The courseware and the training can empower innovation for the enthusiastic TESL practitioner. Three ingredients – courseware, training and support – can be merged with instructor imagination, energy and practical goals to create enhanced learning situations and materials. Not every instructor will choose to, or need to, complete all the stages of training. The structure of the LearnIT2teach training program provides clearly defined exit options that can accommodate participants’ aptitudes, attitudes and workplace requirements. To request a face-to-face Stage One training session for your language training instructors, you may call (toll free) 1(855) 522-2221, e-mail, or send a request at the portal using the link 5.1.1 Challenges of Instructor Training In response to our participant surveys, instructors often mention time as an obstacle to participating in professional development and training activities. The LearnIT2teach Stage 1 training requires just two hours in a face-to-face setting. The mentoring team endeavors to respond promptly to any issues raised by participants. Administrators face some complex decisions related to technical innovation including issues of staff coverage, scheduling training events and locating an appropriate computer face-to-face student/newcomer (LINC courseware) online student (Moodle basics) online teacher (basic editing) good teaching principles online teacher (advanced editing) best practices: blended learning online e-materials developer Stage 1 Pre-Stage 2 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4