LIT2T Leadership Guide

22 TO: TABLE OF CONTENTS 4.2.8 Badges A digital badge is a visual reward or indicator for an accomplishment online. Usually, these can be verified by the issuing authority. Badges can help motivate online and blended learning. Badges offer a form of learning gamification. When enabled, they can be awarded in an edulinc course using common activity types. The LearnIT2teach badges are available for viewing on the Badges Preview page. Interested instructors can use these badges to reward their learners. Training on how to use the badges is available in Stage 3 of the LearnIT2teach training. 4.2.9 PBLA Support National implementation of Portfolio Based Language Assessment, PBLA, demands that instructors and learners document their language learning journey with assessments, observable competencies and other forms of evidence. The LearnIt2teach courseware provides resources to introduce PBLA to learners, collect baseline information, write self reflections, and do self checks using the Can-Do Statements. The PBLA unit is available in all new courseware and can be added to any existing course. A PBLA Demo course is also available on to demonstrate some sample PBLA type activities to instructors. As noted previously, the development of the new National Curriculum Guidelines and a National LMS portal will result in better alignment of the LINC courseware with PBLA. This will also include e-portfolios for learners. 4.2.10 Anytime, Anywhere Access & Bring Your Own Device BYOD As the trend of movement from workstation to portable mobile devices continues, the LearnIT2teach team has been exploring and offering new learning opportunities for learners using mobile devices. Mobile devices include hand held smartphones and tablets. Mobile devices offer the potential of additional individualized, offsite learning. BYOD is an important issue for administrators planning their education technology budgets. Wireless Internet service must be able to provide enough signal linkages for the users in their buildings. In a BYOD centre, there may be less scheduling stress on the computer rooms. Some technical items should be resolved such as wireless or Bluetooth access to digital projectors, digital whiteboards and sound systems. Learners and instructors will appreciate the opportunity for access anytime and anywhere. They can choose to complete tasks at home, finishing missed work, submitting an assignment, posting a thought to a forum or even printing documents before a class. 4.2.11 Mobile App The Moodle learning management system shares a free mobile device app. It has frequent upgrades. This app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. The Moodle mobile app does not currently have all of the functionality of the standard Moodle LM If the instructor prefers, they can set a quick access button on devices to edulinc courses through a mobile web browser. The LearnIT2teach team is ensuring that all learning objects developed moving forward use responsive design principles. Responsive design results in digital web resources that adjust to the size of the learner’s screen size.